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  • Martha Stewart

    Martha Stewart Interview

    • Dec 31, 2017

    Lifestyle icon talks ‘1860s’ approach to equality, how gays ‘up their game’ in her midst and same-sex weddings

  • Allison Janney

    Allison Janney Interview

    • Dec 25, 2017

    ‘I, Tonya’ actress on Tonya Harding’s queerness, girl crushes and her quest to play a ‘pioneering lesbian’ 

  • Richard Jenkins

    Richard Jenkins Interview

    • Dec 4, 2017

    Actor talks new film’s ‘love is love’ theme, his real-life gay inspiration and why he hasn’t stopped thinking about Six Feet Under

  • Reba McEntire

    Reba McEntire Interview

    • Dec 1, 2017

    Your Country ‘Conduit’ - Icon talks gays at Christmas, being the ‘water hose’ during these divisive times and the politicization of her faith-based music

  • Kelly Clarkson

    Kelly Clarkson Interview

    • Nov 20, 2017

    American Unbridled - Kelly Clarkson talks artistic liberation, speaking her mind and why she wants to confront anti-LGBT parents 

Lifestyle & Luxury

  • 2018 LGBTQ

    How To: Be a Better Queer in the New Year

    • Dec 31, 2017

    Replace the traditional New Year’s resolutions that you probably won’t keep with something more meaningful – like committing to ways to be a better queer. Here’s a shortlist to get you started.

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Positive Thoughts

  • Jeff Berry

    Growing Pains - The future of HIV remains hopeful

    • Jun 14, 2017

    Lately, I’ve been reading up on something called post-traumatic growth. Research shows that many people who face trauma, adversity, or other life challenges actually report positive benefits

LGBT Sports

  • Pat Griffin

    LGBT sports movement faces growing pains

    • Jun 16, 2017

    ​Once upon a time, there was no such thing as LGBT sports. No one imagined gay men could be athletes. Besides, weren’t all female athletes lesbians? Or so the stereotypes went.

Hear Me Out

  • LeAnn Rimes

    Ryan Adams, LeAnn Rimes

    • Jun 16, 2017

    I once saw LeAnn Rimes at a casino even though LeAnn Rimes is too young to be playing casinos.

Planet Hollywood

Gay Vegas en Español


    • Dec 16, 2015

    Llego la noche mas FABULOSA y mas esperada para premiar alo mejor de la musica latina los Latin grammys 2015! Gay Vegas en Español estuvo presente para traerte todos los detalles.