Out former Las Vegas singer running for Congress
Brian Evans and his mother, Helen Marie Bousquet
Brian Evans and his mother, Helen Marie Bousquet

Out former Las Vegas singer Brian Evans will run for Congress next year as a Republican.

Having just wrapped up a three-year Maui concert series, Evans, who is also an investor in Point Motion Control technology, now plans to run for a seat in Congress in 2018 representing Hawaii.

Evans married Diego Garzon this past October. In an email to the Las Vegas Review-Journal in late January, he said, “I have no concerns about being gay and a Republican. I can have values that are Republican and still be gay.”

The new candidate, who lost his mother after she was left in an unmonitored recovery room after knee surgery, this despite the hospital knowing about her sleep apnea, will focus his platform on hospital negligence, which is now the third-leading cause of death in this country. 

“As a republican candidate for Congress in 2018, I will fight to make hospital negligence a crime,” he tweeted on Jan. 19.

Evans says he plans to donate his congressional salary to charity. His campaign website, www.BrianEvansForCongress.com, has already launched.

The political hopeful also told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that 2017 will be his last year in the entertainment industry:

He will finish a new album produced for Quincy Jones Productions, a TV series and novels that have been optioned for films, including one with our Luxor headliner comedian Carrot Top.

Evans’ history with Las Vegas dates back to the mid ‘90s when he booked a 377-show run at the old Desert Inn. He would continue to perform in the city over the years.