Come Out Vegas sponsor Chappy: The World's First Gay Dating App

Chappy, the new gay dating app, championing choice and ‘dating’ has finally launched, giving men the opportunity for romance - as well as something more casual. Backed by Whitney Wolfe, co-founder of Tinder and now CEO of Bumble, Chappy positions itself as the app offering men choice – depending on their mood.

Disenchanted by the current market offering, which is often cited as facilitating purely short term connections, and seeking to end the stigma associated with online gay dating, co- founders Ollie Locke and Jack Rogers were compelled to create a welcoming and exciting new dating app for the modern gay man. “Gone are the days of the gay community being defined by platforms that don’t offer choice,” said co-founder Jack Rogers.

Chappy is an app that facilitates, and mirrors the realities of 21st Century dating. Through its unique sliding ‘Chappy scale’, users searching for ‘Mr. Right’ or ‘Mr. Right Now’ are given ultimate control and only matched with compatible guys looking for the same experience - thereby eliminating the awkward ‘what are you looking for’ conversation.

In a market saturated with headless torsos, Chappy profile pictures must show a face, creating a far more genuine user experience - and all profiles are verified via Facebook making Chappy a safe, responsible, and empowering new chapter in gay dating.

In 2017, the gay community is arguably in a state of flux. With a dating culture defined by apps, as well as gay venues closing at an alarming rate across the country, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to meet new people. Chappyrecognizes that people want choice when looking for relationships, and current app offerings fail to offer options beyond instant hook-ups. Whatever mind-set the user is in, Chappy’s exclusive features can accommodate their needs.

Existing apps have been accused of the dearth of off-line socializing, undermining real-world connections and being the anti-cupid to serious romantic relationships. For many, meeting new people, finding dates, or a potential boyfriend has become increasingly difficult in a virtual environment – especially one in which the majority of users demand immediate gratification.

“We want to give gay men the opportunity to have conversations that match their intentions. 

Choice is at the heart of Chappy, it’s why we created the ‘Chappy Scale’ offering ‘Mr. Right’ or ‘Mr. Right Now’. We appreciate that for many men the ‘Mr. Right’ function will be their default - and we’re very proud to finally give Chappyusers that opportunity,” said Ollie Locke, Chappy co-founder.

The ‘Chappy scale’ has created two parallel functions, which work alongside one another, for something spontaneous or more significant - meaning that whatever someone is after, no one gets frustrated. In this new era of gay dating, love, not just sex, is now available on an app.