Bill introduced to protect LGBTQ youth in Nevada’s foster care
Nelson Araujo
Nelson Araujo

Out assemblyman Nelson Araujo (D-Las Vegas) is sponsoring Assembly Bill 99, a bill that would require case workers and potential foster parents “undergo training that would cover gender identity, using preferred pronouns and providing appropriate clothing”, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal

“This would be a requirement for everyone in contact with LGBTQ youth, whether it’s directly or indirectly,” Araujo told the publication. “So people know how to respond if they encounter a 6-year-old who identifies as male even though their gender marker (at birth) might be female.”

Religious parents will not be omitted from being caregivers, nor required to foster LGBTQ children if this bill passes. 

Writes the paper: “The law would also require the Division of Child and Family Services of the Department of Health and Human Services to improve how issues are reported and resolved”. 

The bill has the support of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada, the Children’s Advocacy Alliance and other organizations.

Tristan Torres, 19, testified when the bill was introduced on Feb. 20 in the Health and Human Services committee. He told Gay Vegas that no one showed up to oppose AB-99.