After 30 years, woman and the trans son she presumed dead reunite
woman and the trans son
woman and the trans son

A California woman who thought her baby had died 15 minutes after birth has now found out her son was being raised by a Las Vegas family.

Almost 30 years ago, Tina Bejarano, who was then 17, thought her baby had died soon after being born. But it turns out her mother had lied, and that the baby was given up for adoption.

Now nearly three decades later and thanks to a DNA test, it’s been revealed that her son, who’s transgender, is still very much alive.

Kristin Cooke was raised by a Las Vegas family, and now lives in New Jersey. Interestingly, the revelation that Bejarano is his biological mother comes soon after he had his own baby with his wife.

Bejarano says she’s been celebrating her baby’s birthday every year, and that it’s always been a depressing time in her life.

But things changed when she received a shocking email last year.

“I think we need to talk, it says we’re related, and it says you’re my mom,” it read, according to FOX26.

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While Bejarano had been mourning a baby girl, she quickly learned she actually has a son.

“I don’t care. I don’t care if he’s in transition. I don’t care if he hasn’t transitioned. I don’t care. That’s my kid. We’re just glad he’s alive,” she says.

It turns out that Cooke was adopted five days after being born, and grew up in a loving home in Las Vegas.

Since the surprising news came to light, even Bejarano’s husband Eric Gardere has built a relationship with Cooke. Reports FOX26:

Gardere is not the biological father. However, he and Bejarano have been married since just a few months after she gave birth to Kristin, and the two have five other children together, so Gardere says he still considers Kristin his son.

“We’ve been communicating with Kristin for a few months now. He calls me dad, I call him son, I text him every morning.”

As for the big family reunion, Cooke and his family made plans to visit Bejarano and Gardere in Los Banos, California on Nov. 24.